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WILLIAMSBURG, Va. — For millions of us, it's a huge part of our lives, morning, noon and night. Coffee.

Two young entrepreneurs in Williamsburg realized that, and they want to give the people what they need. 

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The Flat Hat

Across town, James Kroll ’12 and Victoria Goldsby ’17 are preparing to open up their own coffee shop

Across town, James Kroll ’12 and Victoria Goldsby ’17 are preparing to open up their own coffee shop

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When James Kroll and Victoria Goldsby talk about coffee, their eyes light up.

And not just from the caffeine.

“I’m always on the hunt to make the perfect cup of coffee”

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Daily Press

Daily Press article about founders of Column 15 coffee

William and Mary grads grow coffee business in upper York county.

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The Reason You're All Here



  At its core, Column15 is about providing the freshest, highest quality coffee. 



 Whether it's through our hand-stamped bags of locally roasted coffee beans, specially crafted to reduce bitterness, 



or our Nitro-Cold Brew (creamy, straight black coffee infused with nitro), Co15 products won't have you looking back. 


White blonde male in a black sweatshirt holds a nitro coffee cup on a sunny morning at a market.

The Leaders of Column 15

 James Kroll ('12) and Victoria Goldsby ('17) are two peninsula born-and-raised natives who attended the college of William & Mary. After graduation, they went off to explore individual passions, but were able to reconnect, coincidentally, over a cup of coffee. Victoria

worked for 2 years as an organizer, bringing groups with differing sentiments towards a common goal, learning about leadership in the process. James worked in sales and traveled the world, learning about different customers and different cultures. He then studied under one of the top roasters and coffee educators in the US, Todd Arnette. Together the two William and Mary alumni found a shared dream for entrepreneurship while treating people right, whether they are employees or customers.


The Science of Good Coffee

Having put together a dedicated core team of other like minded, passionate locals, the goal of this company is not just to bring craft coffee and beverages to the local community of Williamsburg, but to turn the peninsula area into a source of quality coffee for Virginia, with nitro cold brew as our flagship product. Column 15 offers a line of locally roasted coffee products that are uncompromising in quality by making the decision to only provide freshly roasted single origin, fair-trade, organically-sourced coffees. Blends pull coffee from unknown origins, so consumers don't know what’s in their cup or where it comes from but carefully crafted roast profiles can accentuate diverse flavors from beans of the same origin. Column 15 is transparent in their origins, so consumers can appreciate a coffee’s regional uniqueness, from the bold caramel and dark cherry notes of Colombia to the floral and fruity notes of Guatemala. We are confident that once consumers have tried a truly fresh, quality coffee, it'll revolutionize the coffee experience.

Selfie of two young adult women, white and black, looking confident and empowered. It is a sunny day

The Marketing Squad

Cassidy Eissing (left), and Brittany Wyatt (right), collectively form Column 15's marketing team. From local events to Column 15 Karaoke, they're the crew behind it all. Brittany specializes in Wholesale operations, and making sure the office's "quote of the day" board is up-to-date. Cassidy keeps an eye on overall design, team coordination, and keeps everyone updated on current bops.