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Nitro Cold Brew

Experience Third Wave

Dive into Column15's take on Third Wave Coffee with our specialized Nitro Cold Brew Coffee. If you aren't familiar with this new "wave" of coffee, just think of the craft beer industry, but with craft coffee. To say it's a coffee revolution wouldn't be dramatic. We are a group that is no longer satisfied with old coffee. We demand fresh. We demand quality. Unlike wine, coffee doesn't get better with age. So here at Column15, we treat coffee as an artisan product, with nitro cold brew as our crowning glory. Tap into coffee's true flavor, and get swept into a tidal wave of quality brews. 

What is Nitrogen Infused Coffee?

We specialize in high quality, nitrogen infused cold brew. This craft beverage is a silky smooth, refreshingly cold coffee with low acidity and natural sweetness.

One of many typical responses to being offered a sample of Nitro Cold Brew is “No thanks, I don’t really like Iced Coffee”. We always tell them we don't like iced coffee either, but this is different. After one sip, and a few seconds of processing the unexpected smoothness, they look at it, observing the lighter hue and feeling no bitter aftertaste, and ask how much cream and sugar is in it. The answer? It’s nothing but black coffee. 

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The Cascade Effect

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